Drawing by Phoebe Zildjian

There are no Dragons.

The Jack Burke Travel Award intends to inspire and expand his discoveries to others through a yearly travel stipend for emerging adults. Recipients will have a passion for learning and exploring other cultures and a desire to help others. Travel, explore, expand your worldview.

When pursuing work and travel to obscure places Jack was told there were “dragons” that would surely be the end of him.  He believed there was truth to be found that belied those stories and yes, in the end,  found  “there are no dragons’.

Jack Burke Travel Award

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 “I never would have had this greater understanding of myself, the world, and my place in it without traveling…..and I never would have been brave enough to travel without Jack’s  encouragement.”

Heather Jellison

Fear lies deep in the heart of every human. How it manifests itself is molded by an individual’s experiences and surroundings, but at its core beats one pulse: the unknown. Fearing what we do not know or understand is a reality as old as humanity. Conquering fear builds strength, perseverance, and confidence. It grows character and self esteem and at times, through failure, humility.  We must explore for ourselves what really lives out there.  Jack’s life attested to this.